The Idea

Founder & CEO

Hi, my name is Gilbert Scharsach

I started Fairytale Houses with a very simple idea in my mind:

I want to realize for my customers the most glamorous and luxurious and breathtaking homes they could possibly imagine.
Those houses we know from Hollywood movies.
Those houses we always imagined unreal.

In other words: Houses that would only exist in fairytales.

We design luxurious living spaces, gardens and terraces, houses and cottages, like you have never seen them before,

except maybe in the movies, or in magazines as George Clooney’s or Johnny Depp’s multi-million-dollar homes or apartments.
But, believe it or not, it doesn’t take millions to create the WOW-effect. It takes ideas, the feeling for beauty and luxury, the passion to arrange lights, furniture, floors, colors like a huge masterpiece of art.
Whoever walks into your home for the first time, “Wow!” must be their first thought.

We specialize in glamour. We specialize in the WOW-effect.

Let us show you what’s possible.